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Love & Charity

Overseas – Sharing happiness and love

  • The Makalot Baby Project: Sponsoring children from Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF)

    By cooperating with public welfare organizations, Makalot hopes to provide the disadvantaged groups and families (especially children) with economic assistance and spiritual encouragement.We and our employees help more than 100 kids in Taiwan, Vietnam and Cambodia every year.

  • Financial assistance to the Chinese Children Home & Shelter Association (CCSA) through the independent orphan youth support program and "One day volunteer" event by Makalot employees
    1. Encourage orphaned youth with excellent academic achievement and enrolled in graduate schools to continue their studies by subsidizing two years of their tuition fees, so they can concentrate on their studies and complete their degree.
    2. Invite Makalot employees to participate in the "one day volunteer" event to give the orphaned children encouragement and support. Besides, we also arrange some activities to play with the children in their home so that we can learn more about their daily life directly.
    3. Since 2015, we take the kids to join our environmental and farming activity cooperated with S.O.W. Kids can learn more environmental concept from the activities. It is not only for fun but with more educational value.
    公益慈善 公益慈善
  • Care of Children shelter –LOHAS Children Shelter
    1. Makalot has started to have long term cooperation with LOHAS Children Shelter since 2017. We hope the kids can learn the useful abilities such as planning and thinking from attending these activities. Therefore, we discussed with LOHAS to set up an yearly activity plan called "One-day-trip" in 2017. There are 2 times of discussion with kids and 2 times one-day-trip activities in the whole year. Makalot volunteers and the kids are all enjoyable in the discussion and the activities. It is good for the volunteers to better understand how the kids think so as to help them further.
  • Yearly two to three community blood donation drives
    1. When the blood bank supply becomes low, Makalot holds a blood donation drive. Employees and the surrounding community residents are all invited to donate blood.
     Love & Charity  Love & Charity
  • Financial Support to the "Joint Sponsorship Program for Social Welfare Organizations: Hope for the Orphaned Children"
    1. Makalot provides financial support to the "Joint Sponsorship Program for Social Welfare Organizations: Hope for the Orphaned Children" run by Taiwan Chief Executive Officer Club for Social Benefit. By bringing aid to the orphaned children and these from low-income families, Makalot hopes we can contribute to Taiwan's social welfare as well.
    2. Supporting the project "A Love gift for you": Sponsor the expense to optimize the web platform. Besides, we collected 71 gifts from our employees who joined this activity voluntarily.
    3. Charity food box: Makalot sponsors charity vegetables boxes and donates to the disadvantaged families and the orphaned children. The vegetable in the box is planted with natural farming or organic way in Taiwan YunLin area.
  • Huashan Social Welfare Foundation
    1. It is in a trend of aging in Taiwan current society. We need to bring our care to the elder from disadvantaged families. Makalot cooperates with Huashan Social Welfare Foundation to arrange One day volunteer activity to visit the elders and bring some small gifts to them especially in some Taiwan traditional holidays so as to let them feel enjoyable on those days.
    Huashan Social Welfare Foundation Huashan Social Welfare Foundation
  • Donations and Charity Bazaar
    1. Makalot appeals to its employees to collect all their things that are no longer being used, and bring them for charity bazaars. The income is therefore donated to public welfare groups. All the unsold items are donated to the Kuang Jen second hand store. In 2017, we also attended the charity bazaars of the fun fair activity held by TFCF in Keelung and donated the income to TFCF.
     Love & Charity Love & Charity