Message from the Chairman for 2020

It has been 30 years since the founding of Makalot. We are endeavoring to make Makalot an international enterprise with sustainable and responsible operations. We pursue growth and profit, but we also simultaneously pay equal attention to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility according to international standards.

Corporate Governance: High Operating Performance and Transparency

Since becoming a listed company, Makalot's operating performance has garnered constant acclaim. In order to strike and maintain a balance between the interests of shareholders, employees, and all other stakeholders, Makalot assigned external experts to conduct a board performance evaluation in 2019. We have also appointed a corporate governance officer and continue to improve information transparency through a variety of measures

Sustainable Development: Ecosystem Protection, Energy Conservation, and Carbon Reduction

Since 2016, Makalot has been collaborating with Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation to promote a 5-year tree planting project. It is hoped that the project can contribute to the restoration of ecosystems, the protection of coastal areas, and the reduction of carbon emissions. As of 2019, we have planted over 5,500 trees in the coastal areas of Taixi Township in Yunlin County, Guanyin District in Taoyuan City, and Jinshan District in New Taipei City. We also expect to reach the goal of planting 7,500 trees by the end of 2020. In addition, Makalot has long been collaborating with the Society of Wilderness to engage in various environmental protection volunteer activities, and is committed to wetland conservation and the promotion of natural farming techniques at the 52-jia Wetland in Yilan. Makalot has also invited our long-term suppliers to join us in exerting the collective power of an industrial chain to contribute to Taiwan's environmental protection.

In addition, Makalot complies with the Higg Index, a set of environmental assessment standards formulated by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. In 2019, all Makalot factories have completed self-inspection in the environmental protection assessment categories.

A Happy Enterprise: Care for Employees, Balance of Body and Mind

Amidst rapid changes in international circumstances and the fierce competition worldwide, Makalot employees are experiencing high stress from external competitors. For this reason, Makalot endeavors to create a healthy, positive, happy, and friendly work environment. In 2019, Makalot promoted a wide array of innovative measures in the hopes of improving employee efficiency and reducing work hours, thereby allowing employees to live in balance between work and life.

For the company's five overseas production bases, we have also enhanced our operations related to safety maintenance. We have invested resources into improving fire control systems and alarm equipment, optimizing safety mechanisms, reducing related risks by regular examinations and trainings, and improving the safety of work environment, so that employees can concentrate on work with peace of mind.

Social Welfare: Makalot Mobilizes to Share Love

We continue to promote the "i Happy i Value" value-added activities, which encourage all Makalot employees and their families to participate in various charity activities, thereby turning our philosophy and culture of social care into a tangible reality. Beyond the head office in Taiwan, Makalot is dedicated to charity activities in the overseas production bases as well. We provide care for local residents in the neighborhoods of the factories, and help local governments, schools, and disadvantaged welfare organizations by investing resources to better local people's lives.

In 2020, the world is confronting the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic. Makalot is actively cooperating with the government's pandemic control requirements by fully committing to the production of personal protective equipment, hoping in doing so to contribute our utmost efforts to the control of the pandemic in Taiwan. Looking to the future, Makalot will constantly sustain its commitment and shoulder more responsibility in its dedication to corporate and social sustainability, so as to create a better future.