Message from the Chairman

Since its establishment, Makalot Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "Makalot" or "the Company") has upheld the corporate values of integrity, teamwork, and sharing. The Company continues to develop in a focused and practical attitude. The Company also considers ways to make a social contribution and fulfill its corporate responsibilities at the same time. Therefore, aside from expanding the corporate social responsibility (CSR) task force into a cross-departmental collaborative committee, Makalot commissioned professional consulting firms in 2016 to provide assistance with the adoption of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards launched by the GRI. The Company will shoulder more responsibilities where sustainable development is concerned on top of full disclosure of its CSR achievements.

Corporate Governance: High Operational Performance and High Transparency

Makalot has focused on its core business (clothing development and production) since its incorporation.
Makalot is moving aggressively towards upstream vertical integration in recent years and strives to continuously improve performance and profitability through various innovative operation models and strategic planning. Makalot keeps a close watch on the changes in the global market in order to properly respond to potential internal and external risks. It also enhances its financial transparency, refines information disclosure and implements internal audit and control.

Sustainable Development: Environmental Protection and Caring for the Planet in Practice

Global warming is a worldwide concern. Makalot takes actions to preserve the natural environment of Taiwan. Since 2016, Makalot has collaborated with the Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation on the "Three-year Coastal Trees Adoption Plan" in the Taisi coastal resort area. Makalot employees take part by building wooden frames to support the seedlings of seashore plants, such as Casuarina, in order to increase their survival rates. We also use this opportunity to rebuild the coastal vegetationas a natural barrier and restore soil fertility.

Happy Enterprise: Employee Care and Mind-Body

“Professional management and giving a sense of belonging to our employees” has been our mission since inception. We strive to achieve the goal of building a friendly workplace with a healthy, positive and LOHAS atmosphere. As a result, we moved into a new headquarters in 2016 so that employees can enjoy a more advanced and comfortable work environment.

Social Welfare: Makalot Spreads Love and Motivates All

Makalot initiated its course on public welfare in 2017. Departments take turns hosting charitable events and organizing activities based on the three goals: “Talent education”, and “Social care”. All employees are called on to participate.

“Talent education”: Makalot established the “Makalot Humanities Development and Education Foundation”, which works towards contributing to society, promoting industrial innovation, nurturing talents and fostering industry-academia collaboration. It also teams up with domestic colleges and universities to provide summer internships, sponsor research and development programs, and arrange for Company managers to give lectures at those universities and share their valuable professional and workplace experience. Furthermore, Makalot has partnered with our renowned brand customer GAP to execute the education program, Personal Advancement and Career Enhancement (P. A. C. E.), at overseas business locations for female employees to forge a better life through learning. The program is currently implemented at our overseas business locations in Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Chairman & CEO