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Message from the Chairman


In 1990, a group of like-minded partners founded Makalot Group with a common ideal: to establish a company with professional management and strong bonding between its employees. As Makalot continued to grow, the needs to attract more world-class talents and build a strong team spirit had become more important than ever. Therefore, we had established our mission statements: “employee ownership” and “striding with time” and corporate values: “integrity”, “team”, and “sharing”.

Key messages from our mission statements:

  1. Makalot is formed by employees with shared vision; striving together to create a world class corporation
  2. Makalot emphasizes “continual learning and sustained growth”. We pride ourselves as the leader in the garmenting industry through our innovative business models.
  3. Makalot focuses on delivering great service and quick response through solid execution. Our employees relentlessly pursue higher standards via innovative ways.
  4. Makalot has very precise corporate goals as well as employee development plans. Once the objectives are set, each employee will work persistently to deliver excellent results.
  5. Makalot is co-owned and co-managed by all employees, who thus enjoy the company’s success through rewarding mechanism.

To materialize our philosophy described in point 5 above, we have adopted innovative mechanisms which allow employees to enjoy the company’s operational excellence. This has in turn attracted more talents to join Makalot and propel us to deliver even better performance to our shareholders.

The aforementioned “sharing” concept has created a virtuous cycle for Makalot. Looking back at our past performance, Makalot has constantly delivered strong financial results except for 2008, where we were hit by the global financial crisis. Furthermore, it is believed that we have galvanized the apparel & textile sector and consequently brought in more talents and investments to this conventional industry.

Meanwhile, Makalot has never forgotten its role in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In recent years, we have devoted our endeavor in four areas, namely: Corporate Governance, Sustainability, Human Rights, and Social Compliance. We have set up a dedicated team to promote CSR and have all our employees’ involvement. Till today, we have received much recognition from professional auditing organizations. However, this is just the beginning of a long journey and we will push for higher standards with continual improvement.

In the face of global competitions, we would not dwell on our past success. Makalot is adding upstream operations to our repertoire while maintaining the leadership position in the garmenting sector. Our R&D efforts should enable us to provide high value-added products and services to our clients. Through innovative strategies, pragmatic approaches, and consolidated team effort, Makalot is set to create an even brighter future for all employees and shareholders.

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